Saturday, October 17, 2009


Talk about a lack of updates! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in almost two months!!

I started my final semester of classes at college (my true final semester - Spring 2010 - is only an internship and senior project) and it has been keeping me very much on my toes, and not at the computer.

Also, as my beloved Phillies inched closer and closer to the postseason, I spent a good majority of my free time at CBP rooting them on.

My foot is still broken in three - count em, THREE - places, so I've still got my lovely Terminator-esque boot on. I'm also on just one crutch, which has lead my class to nickname me "Tiny Tim." It's okay, I still love them anyways.

The Phillies are tied 1-1 in the NLCS rematch from last postseason with the Los Angeles Dodgers. I definitely have the Phaith in my men, and even with my current flu, I will be at the Bank tomorrow night to cheer them on.

Some drunk men&myself prior to Game 1.


My beloved Flyers got off to a hot start. They beat (my love) Eric Staal & the Carolina Hurricanes, and went on to take down Alex Ovechkin & the Washington Capitals in a heated battle that included a hat trick by Oh Captain My Captain Mike Richards! I was there to witness the entire thing, and oh, it was lovely.

After squeezing in two NLDS games against the Colorado Rockies, I ran across the street to catch the entire basis of my life as a Conflicted Fan.

The Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins, lead by my Hockey Husband Sidney Crosby (and other lover Jordan Staal - I have lots of hockey loves, and all four Staals are included) came into town two days later, and regrettably we lost. My Jordy did score his first goal of the season, and as a Conflicted Fan, my ass jumped up and down and cheered. In a neon orange Flyers Claude Giroux jersey. I am lucky they took pity on a pretty girl with a broken foot, otherwise I'd have been a goner. I was also the only idiot in a Flyers jersey at their practice cheering the Pens on and taking pictures of them. They surely had to think I was absolutely nuts, fainting over Sidney while I rocked the rival colors.

SID-NAAAYYY!! Oh...*ahem*...excuse me. SID-NAAYYY!!

With only a day in between, it was back to the Wachovia Center to catch my Hockey Loves from the West Coast, the Anaheim Ducks. My best friend S. is from Anaheim, and is batshit crazy over the Ducks, especially her Hockey Husband Ryan Getzlaf. We got there super early to catch the practice, and met the most adorable 9-year-old little boy from the Poconos who's been a Ducks fan his entire life (!) because of the movie, he said. It was his first professional hockey game, and he was rewarded with pucks from the team. S.&I also got Ducks pucks, then headed up to our suite to catch what proved to be a rousing game, resulting in a Ducks shoot-out win.

All of that running around combined with plenty of nights on the town in a row, and a sick S., lead me to a very unfortunate position this week - I've got the flu! I've been forcing myself to go to class, but otherwise have been holed up inside, sleeping it all off. I feel well enough to drag myself down to the park tomorrow night to catch more NLCS action, but even if I didn't I'm sure my butt would still be in that seat, all bundled up with my Puffs close by.

So that's just a quick run-down of what's been going on with me, and what has kept me from posting! I have plenty of updates still to do, and I promise to be a good blogger and update as I sit here, eating away, watching the Penguins take on Vincent Lecavalier & the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight at 7:30p at The Igloo!

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  1. McKey...what happened? Let's get some updates.

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